for those of you who like to read

My dear readers,

I’m still kind of stranded in the nothingness that is daily life with a slow Internet connection. Please, don’t take this too seriously, for it is just the introduction to the first thing I want to bring up.

Isn’t it ironic, how you can pull yourself down because of something, that is not crucial at all? Hell, when I first planned my karma improvement trip, I thought I’d be living somewhere in Africa or South America – basically without any “modern world technology”. I even thought about selling my laptop and my smartphone beforehand. Continue reading

the famous internet – I used it all up

Well, I have a few reaaaaally cool pictures from the last two days on my hard drive, covering a trip to the beach yesterday and a “city” festival we’ve attended today (by we I mean my boss, her kids & me)…

But, this may sound ironic, I used up all the Internet already. Seems to be normal in Australia to have volume quotas instead of real flatrates…so after leeching a few TV series and downloading a (legal by the way!) Windows7 Prof. copy in order to fix up my computer, I’ve actually used it all up in just five days. Bet they’re really glad to have me over :D

Anyways, I’ll try to fix this on Monday and buy more volume. Until then, no pictures, no skype video chats and no TV series for poor Ray…

little fixes

Not a real blog post, but for those of you who were wondering why some of the pictures were just the small previews without a bigger picture linked to it:
I moved them while writing the post, which seems to be killing the link behind it.
Dennis just informed me about this and I fixed it, so the posts (older ones too!) are alright again :)

Next technical thing: include Google Adsense to make some money. Sorry for the commercial banners in advance!

move abroad and find a new home

Good evening dear readers,

or, for those in the UTC+1 timezone, good day. I know I’ve bin slacking with the promised post, but here it is.

First thing I want to show you is a little something I call “eff you Qantas and your 23kg per passenger limit”. But, as most of these things turn out, it somehow came back at me ;) I’m talking about the little package I sent to Australia ahead of me and which is actually going to arrive way after me. As you can see in the pictures, I filled one of those IKEA plastic containers with my stuff. Should have been 10kg…turned out to be fifteen. Which resulted in a close to doubling of the price and quadrupling of the delivery time…but hey, my running shoes will arrive one day and THEN I’ll have no more excuses… Continue reading