just around the corner…

I fell for it, again! Exactly like I did six years ago in that little place just north of Sydney, I fell for the Aussie “just-around-the-corner” estimate.
“How far is it from here to the beach, if I walk?”
>”It’s an hour walk, max!”
“Which way is shorter, out of the house and left or out of the house and right?”
>”Go left, up to the crossroads, then turn right and just walk straight till you get to the beach”
“Alright then, see you later.” Continue reading

farewell and a bit of plane hopping

I was going over the words of my first “real” post, with pictures and all that, several times during my short trip from Frankfurt to Melbourne and came up with several more or less sophisticated introductions. But hey, as I’m sitting here in the guest room of my bosses house in the middle of nowhere (50 acres of land belonging to the place, so it’s a real Australian “you-can’t-even-see-your-next-door-neighbor-experience”) while she’s playing piano in the living room, I just thought I’d start with whatever comes to mind.
So let’s begin with the start of my journey. Just to make sure I would remember Germany as it was, the famous Deutsche Bahn stayed true to their core competencies… Continue reading

Oz 101 – the beginning

Dear friends,

to those who came here on purpose because they know me personally as well as those who stumbled upon my blog due to the mystery that is Google. You are all welcome to read about my new challenges here in Down Under.

For those of you who know me personally: yes, I’m going to write this thing in English.
For those of you who just came here by accident: yes, I’m not a native speaker, as you will probably deduct from the spelling mistakes or weird wording.

This blog’s supposed to serve several purposes:

  • as a diary (without the “Dear diary, today someone made fun of me *sniff*” parts) for me to always remember these times
  • as a method of communicating with my friends and family
  • to upload high res pictures
  • to gain a few bucks if this Google adsense stuff works out (keep in mind, I’m unemployed ;) )
For those visitors of the latter category:
Hi – I’m Ray (from Germany), 25 years old
Lived and worked in Hamburg as a consultant for the past 2 1/2 years, recently quit my job and decided to work somewhere else “for free” – with whichever skills I might be able to offer.
As it sometimes is with these situations, I seem to be about to work in the same fields I’ve worked in so far.
I’ll keep you posted how this thing goes!

Thanks for reading up to this point, the first “real” post including pictures and actual information is coming up next. As are a few changes to the looks on this blog…it’s still a standard template.

And yes, it’s already filled with old stuff from my/our trip to the states in ’07. Deadlinked pictures will be online again as soon as I’m bored enough to change the links.