Birthdays, rats and sunrises

Dear loyal readers,

thank you for your patience! I know I’m way over my proposed time I thought it’d take to publish the next entry, but once work had “officially” started, I became quite lazy with regard to these private jobs – don’t get me wrong, writing is still fun, but because I’m actually trying to make these things interesting for you and keep a certain level of quality, it somehow is work.

Anyways, let’s dive right in, shall we? Continue reading

five weeks remaining


Using the wisdom of Mr. Joey Tribbiani to announce:
It’s just “flenk” weeks remaining till the most awesome road trip of all times (sorry SC’07).
So looking forward for your arrival, my loved ones :)


a happy New Year!

Hello again,

as promised and including the already well-known delay, the blog post for New Year’s!
We arrived on the 30th at Lorne’s holiday house on Phillip Island. It was to be a little bit quieter than the Christmas days due to the fact that there were around half the people than before – but still, it was ought to be great fun! To give you a visual of some of the guests, I selected some nice (or weird) pictures: Continue reading