farewell and a bit of plane hopping

I was going over the words of my first “real” post, with pictures and all that, several times during my short trip from Frankfurt to Melbourne and came up with several more or less sophisticated introductions. But hey, as I’m sitting here in the guest room of my bosses house in the middle of nowhere (50 acres of land belonging to the place, so it’s a real Australian “you-can’t-even-see-your-next-door-neighbor-experience”) while she’s playing piano in the living room, I just thought I’d start with whatever comes to mind.
So let’s begin with the start of my journey. Just to make sure I would remember Germany as it was, the famous Deutsche Bahn stayed true to their core competencies…

Arriving in Menden, I could not have wished for a nicer goodbye. My Mum (who took it all surprisingly well) dropped me off at Katha’s place after lunch. I was greeted by a lot of friendly faces and the nicest farewell gifts. But pictures speak more than words, so:

I was truly touched and I’m really going to miss you guys. It meant and means a lot to me! But before this goes on too far, let’s continue with some pictures ;)
My last impressions in Germany were quite cliché by the way.

Foggy, winterly and reaaally cold Hamburg (Christuskirche) and a “fogged up” (no pun intended) banking tower in Frankfurt.

Well, from that point on I didn’t take many more pictures. Due to luggage limitations of Qantas (23kg per passenger, no chance to buy extra luggage, 50 A$ per extra kg) I had a bit of a struggle checking in…it might have been because of my 15kg hand luggage suitcase, I’m not sure.

But, with a friendly smile, a lot of talky talky and a bit of unpacking in front of the lady, repacking it later somewhere else, I was able to sneak all my stuff into the plane to Singapore. A last emotional goodbye from my closest friends and I was actually quite in time for boarding the plane.

Against all odds lady luck smiled on me as soon as I entered the plane. I got an aisle seat in the middle row with two empty seats between me and the next guy. Feeling lucky already, I couldn’t believe that my “neighbor” actually got up and changed seats – which meant, that I had a whole row of four empty seats (in an otherwise nearly fully booked plane) to myself. After half an hour of fighting my bad conscience, I stretched out over the whole row and just woke up to eat or drink :D needless to say, I arrived in Singapore well rested.

Against my promise, I couldn’t find a publicly available (free) wireless access point to give an “I’m alive” shout-out to family and friends. And Katha, I’m really sorry, but I wasted so much time with my quest to find the most famous internet, that I didn’t make it to a duty free store to buy and try your Tiger beer.
(which I tried to make up for with drinking Claudia’s favorite on the plane)

My luck continued to accompany me from Singapore to Melbourne. Because I didn’t check before, the type of plane I was flying with was a complete, but nice, surprise. It had a nice racing carbon fiber touch, was pretty spacious and quite modern. I’m talking about an Airbus A380-800. And for those of you who know me, it won’t be a big surprise, but…I manage to break everything! (in my defense, it broke right off and I have no idea what it was for. If Qantas loses this specific A380, I might have to turn myself in…until then, well – pfff)

To get this thing finished, I’ll just close with a few pictures from the flight/arrival and continue with my arrival stories tomorrow :)


Thanks for reading so far and if you like to see any changes, let me know in the comments section. I’m happy for all kinds of constructive feedback.


P.S.: If you guys wanna start saving up for a welcome-back gift, I’d have an idea…








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  1. Werde IMMEDIATELY nach dem Whisky suchen und mit Schuberta schon mal vorkosten! ;)
    Und sei froh, das bei dem Ding nur ein Stück Sitzlehne oder whaterver es war abgebrochen ist, Quantas verliert ja auch in der Luft gern mal Teile der Außenverkleidung… :p

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