Christmas time is address time

I know I haven’t posted anything for a while now and believe me, I feel terrible about it…but the reason for that is simple:

I’m still limping around with 64kbps Internet and wasn’t going to post another book-like post without any pictures (just so that everyone who didn’t read the specific “no Internet” post could complain about the missing pictures :P )

Anyway, to honor the title of this post. A lot of peope have been asking me for my address. My current address is:

Family Schultze
1423 Balloong Road
Woodside 3874

I’m going to be back online on the seventh of Dec (at the latest). I promise to wrap up the last two weeks properly with a bunch of pictures and thereby help my friends at home through the cold Christmas time ;)

Stay tuned, thanks for reading and have a lovey Christmas time,

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