Southern Australia in pictures

Alright folks,

Finally – we’re back online and I promised you a post with a lot of pictures. Due to the fact that I came up with a total of over 60 pictures deemed worthy for your eyes, I skipped the embedding them in text part and just attached a gallery at the end of the post. I think, as you read along the text, you’ll figure out which ones belong to which part of this post. I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to spend the time on editing the short descriptions and title for each picture – if I haven’t done it, be sure I feel terrible ;)

So, where do I begin? I will just go along my pictures, as they provide a date and time! I think I’ve mentioned that we’ve been to the beach on Saturday (the 19th)? The first 8 pictures show the great adventures and first impressions of the little ones at the beach. It’s called the ninety mile beach because, you’ll be surprised, it’s about ninety miles long! And it starts here in Woodside, which means, if I spend a day at the beach and look west, all I see is beach, water and the sky. You’ll see what I mean in the pictures a bit further down.
Well, just in case that I don’t edit the picture’s details, here’s some information regarding the first batch. As you can see it was quite fun to drive to the beach with three kids in the back and a fuzzy dog who doesn’t really understands or accepts the concept of the trunk of a car. Also, I continue my 2011 quest to spend as much time with my feet in the sand as possible – still haven’t given up on that one. The white hovering dog is Gus, who, by the way, is just right now sleeping next to me on the couch kicking me all the time while dreaming (probably about running along the beach). The little one on the board is Lochy, my boss’s son.
Last but not least, the picture I’m probably going to send in to Hollister’s beach babe collection. It shows little Scarlett, freezing and shivering like hell, even though I gave her my t-shirt. Yes I know, I’m a gentleman ;)

The next batch covers the trip to Yarram I’ve described. You’ll find some happy kids in a petting zoo, a few Tim Tailor like lawnmowers (yes Thomas, I took these pictures specifically for you and yes Thomas, they are indeed fast, loud and shiny), a hairy guy holding a crocodile, a guy with a gigantic hand holding a normal sized snakes and two kids cuddling with a python ;)

Following these pictures are a few impressions from the summit and the nearby cemetery. No, I did not join the club of monochrome-dressed people who think it’s cool to spend their day on cemeteries; it was just the best place to enjoy the view and get some quiet time ;)

The next shot deserves an own paragraph. In one of the kid’s books they actually had a picture of a Calibra, stock AND modified :D couldn’t miss out on this one!

Anyways…some impressions long missing on this blog. A small! spider, more pictures of the famous fuzzy one and the maximum cuteness of the little ones. After my four days at the Summit I came home to this message on the board J

No, as promised, some summer feelings to lighten up the winter blues for my friends in good ol’ Germany! Promised palms, a few scenery shots at the beach, the hot au pair Thomas showing a lot of leg, more feet in the sand and my new found passion – taking pictures of beer bottles that look awesome (to the untrained eye, i.e. my eye!)

By the way, I know the blog post isn’t a work of art, writing-wise. But, I promised pictures and I always try to deliver. See the words above the pictures as my effort not to seem lazy by just uploading a bunch of pictures.

Some home impressions, which in this case means a bigger spider (I was told it’s still considered small or medium in size), my first time with Gus (no pun intended), Gus well deserved “I broke my neck and have to sleep” nap on the couch aaaaaaand:


The tree is actually fake…I can’t comment on that but believe me, nothing else would work in here. The kids tend to get a bit crazy sometimes and a real tree would have probably miraculously blazed up in flames while no one was watching. Anyway, the Christmas spirit is full on, including the mandatory Christmas (midi)music playing reindeer hat, a North Pole express and a bunch of Christmas lights.
Special picture for Alex S. from D – I wear/wore a Christmas hat, kinda. Just for you ;) Hope you’re happy!
I can also deliver a family Christmas card to send out to everyone, but I think I’ll go with the digital online option. Last but not least, a well-deserved cold one after a long day – no animals were hurt during this stunt!

And finally, to end this thing in style, some impressions from our (Thomas and mine) last trip to the beach where we enjoyed a fine meat-only BBQ – Aussie style!
Don’t take the photo-shoot to seriously. Thomas dared me to “bring the love” toward the camera ;)


Well, on that bombshell, I’m going to end this post. You don’t have to wait as long for the next one as you did for this one, I promise.

Next on – a few Melbourne impressions J

So long, take care & thanks for reading,



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