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Hey everyone,

it’s been a while since I posted something on this blog. This is now somewhat of a marketing thing. I’m working on a startup and we’re currently in a crowdfounding competition. Potential prize is 10.000 Euro from Google.

Please be so kind and visit our campaign – click the embedded like button (right under the video) or buy a perk. Every kind of attention boosts our chance to win this!

Thanks a lot for your support


Been happy, been lazy – will be roadtripping

Hey everyone,

just a quick sign of life from the Melbourne airport (the first blog post done from my phone actually) before we head to Darwin.

The usual excuses for not writing for a while, the usual explanations for the aforementioned (mainly Claudi, road trip planning and general laziness) and here we are again.

We are at the Melbourne airport right now. The week with Claudia in Woodside and the short weekend in Melbourne flew by like a day. Coming up next will be three most awesome weeks of road  tripping in northern and western Australia together with Livia and Paul – again, I am a lucky fucker for having friends like these.

I’ll try to keep you guys up to date with short (text only) upates on our location as we make our way from Darwin down to Perth. A big picture-bursting post is to be expected in march, once I’ve screened all the pictures from every camera and created a best off (and, of course, found the time and drive to upload them all).

Until then I wish you all farewell,

Birthdays, rats and sunrises

Dear loyal readers,

thank you for your patience! I know I’m way over my proposed time I thought it’d take to publish the next entry, but once work had “officially” started, I became quite lazy with regard to these private jobs – don’t get me wrong, writing is still fun, but because I’m actually trying to make these things interesting for you and keep a certain level of quality, it somehow is work.

Anyways, let’s dive right in, shall we? Continue reading